My name is Jaimon

pronounced like "Jay-min"


I've been working as a professional artist since 2018 and have been avidly creating art since my early childhood. When I set out to become a professional I chose to work primarily with colored pencil, focusing on hyper-realism. I wanted a challenge, and colored pencil seemed to be the most difficult medium I could find. I thought if I could master that, I'd be able to do anything else I wanted. 

I won't proclaim myself a master now, but after a few years I did finally arrive at a place where I was no longer feeling challenged. I'm very proud of my colored pencil works, and they very accurately depict who I was at the time I was creating them: orderly, precise, impressive, detail-oriented, and honestly a bit of a control freak. However, as I've evolved quite a bit the last few years, I wanted to start incorporating work that focused more on feeling than accuracy, and that more currently represented my own voice, experiences, and personality. I've not abandoned the ability to be detailed and precise, but I'm much more spontaneous, free-flowing, and colorful nowadays. To do this, I've added to my repertoire painting with acrylics and incorporating collage and other mixed media.

I primarily sell work right here on my website, but in addition to my own open studio events I occasionally exhibit at art fairs and galleries. The best way to keep up with where I'll be is by joining my monthly email list!

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