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20% off originals, 20% gets donated!

The year 2020 has certainly had its challenges so far. I've always been a firm believer that difficult times are when the arts are needed the most. Human beings desperately need beauty to inspire, transport, and provide relief to the soul. 

I'm very fortunate that my art business still has traction in these times. My new Patron program has totally outperformed my expectations since launching last month, and sales have remained steady thanks to YOU, my supporters. THANK YOU!!! (If you missed it, or have just discovered me, check out my Patron program here, you'll be glad you did!)

Because of this, I am sharing the love with some friends who need all the help they can get right now. This month, I'm donating 20% of my profit for sales of original art to two organizations: 

Black Lives Matter & Carolina Ballet

Please check out their websites via the links below to learn more about their stories.  


BLM Logo.png
Carolina Ballet Logo.png

Systemic racism is in the spotlight now, and Black Lives Matter is doing an amazing job at fighting for racial equality. When you purchase an original, half of the donated 20% of proceeds will be sent to Black Lives Matter in your honor.


My friends over at Carolina Ballet are a treasured gem here in Raleigh. They are also who I turn to when I need inspiration and beauty to fuel my creativity. 

Like most non-profit arts organizations, COVID-19 has introduced some challenges for the ballet. They other half of the donated 20% of proceeds will be sent to Carolina Ballet in your honor.