My notes on this series:


I have always been fascinated by the exotic beauty and healing tranquility of plants. Some of the most exquisite color combinations occur, like the bold red of a poppies' petals set against a cool green stem or the fiery oranges that take over in the autumn months. Sunlight provides the best lighting to showcase these natural beauties. It has a way of perfectly illuminating morning dewdrops or lighting up the sky at sunset to cast a golden glow on a daffodil's petals. Capturing these beautiful nuances with colored pencil is one of my favorite challenges. 

On a deeper level, plants offer us much insight into a healthy life. They grow as much as they can, and don't limit themselves. Harsh elements cause them to develop stronger roots to survive. They add value to other living things around them such as nutrition, healing, air, and shelter. And my favorite quality is that they grow, move, and react at their own pace. I hope that these works are not only visually inspiring, but that they also serve as reminders of the lessons we can learn from nature. 


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