My notes on this series:



I started noticing that we can be very particular about how our food looks. At the grocery store we gravitate to the freshest, most colorful, most symmetrical, most unblemished produce we can find. And why not? We have the choices available to us. As an artist, I'm very visually stimulated and do this without even realizing it. 


However, over time I've met people from less developed parts of the world where their relationship with food is completely different. The concept of the picking "the prettiest" lemon isn't even possible for many people. Some are lucky to find one at all (fresh or not). And if they do, it probably won't look Instagram-ready. Our access to fresh, clean, almost visually perfect food is a luxury and privilege.




The works in my "Fresh" series are simple, colorful, and eye-catching drawings of beautifully presented foods on a clean, white backdrop. I've focused on capturing intricate textures and worked with elements like water drops and lighting to create a visually striking work. Unlike any of my previous work, I've utilized the negative space on the page to become part of the piece. In the past, I've always drawn from one corner of the paper to another, leaving a completely full image like an oil painting. With these works, the white space (and a few strategically placed shadows)  becomes the illusion of the surface my subject is sitting on.


While visually pleasing, these works are also a subtle reminder to appreciate our food and the privilege it represents. I intentionally created them small so that they'll easily fit on smaller kitchen and dining room walls. My hope is that they'll spark thoughtful conversations of gratitude and appreciation while people are preparing and enjoying their meals.


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